Irrigation System
Conversion Incentives

Cut water usage and costs, allow GAR Bennett experts to assist with the NRCS Cost Share Application process. GAR Bennett is an Authorized Distributor and a Certified Installer of DRI products.


  • Cost savings through subsurface drip (SDI) delivering water straight to the root zone, eliminating loss of water to evaporation.
  • Increase yield through delivering fertilizer directly to the root zone for optimal crop nutrition.
  • Save on energy costs and reduce pumping by decreasing irrigation hours.
  • Cost share funding is available through NRCS EQIP.
To Apply:

GAR Bennett experts are available to help you complete the application process. For assistance, click here.

I have been using DRI for the last three years and it has kept up with the same growth as micro sprinklers, drip lines and flood irrigation – but has only used about 10% as much water. I farm in a dry desert, eliminating evaporation through a hot summer is a remarkable feat.

Rick Benson, Benson Family Farms