With our focus on innovation and water conservation, it was a natural progression for Bennett Water Systems to move into controlled environment growing. In this age of agricultural accountability, growers are looking for ways to integrate technology into everyday operations. The experienced team of water conveyance professionals at Bennett Water Systems have helped conventional and organic growers increase irrigation efficiency and uniformity by providing quality irrigation designs for over 80 years. Taking our extensive knowledge of pumps, filtration, pipelines, well discharges, drip irrigation, monitoring & maintenance from the field to hydroponic growing expands our abilities to help our customers embrace new growing technologies.  Our entire staff works together to create, install, and help you maintain the most efficient system for your crop.

“For indoor nursery projects, we feel like Bennett Water Systems is the best water company in the industry. From our experience, they have always executed on schedule and on budget, and they have brought engineering and fertigation solutions to complex layouts.”

Jose Lima, Nursery Director, Wonderful Citrus Nursery

GAR Bennett Pump


The trend of substrate and hydroponic growing in the berry industry is growing. Controlled environment systems allow the ability to grow these crops with less ground preparation, more efficiency, & more yield. Using automated systems, growers are able to monitor weather, irrigation, nutrients, & schedules to ensure optimal conditions at all times.


Taking the idea of nursery saplings to the next level, controlled environment tree growing helps to create consistently healthy trees from seed to field. Remote automation of irrigation, soil statistics, schedules, & weather allows for maximum yields of productive trees.
GAR Bennett Irrigation System