Water Treatment

Services Include:

  • Single on-site visit treatment with Shockwave Trailer to
    remediate irrigation plugging
  • Effectively removes scale and/or biologicals out of low volume
    irrigation systems


  • Increased water flow resulting in higher water volume
  • Enhanced water distribution uniformity
  • Irrigation system optimization
  • Results in unplugged, clean irrigation lines
  • Custom built chemical feed systems installed at filter station
    for either AC or powerless (solar) applications
  • Grower purchases feed system and chemical
  • Gar Bennett Field Technician performs site visits, pump
    calibrations and repairs on-site
  • Cost effective, preventative approach to maximize water delivery
  • Reduces algae and bacteria growth
  • Mitigates plugged screens and emitters
  • Primarily used for surface water

HYE-CLEAN Slime Away (pdf)

  • Delivers a valuable source of nitrogen and sulfur
  • Increases nutrient availability to targeted crops to help leach
    out harmful salts
  • Improves water infiltration
  • Reduces scale formation

HYE-CLEAN Aqua Flow (pdf)

• For use in agricultural, horticultural and commercial irrigation water treatment applications.
• For the treatment of water for industrial and commercial water treatment systems.
• For the treatment of fruit, nut and vegetable processing waters.
• For use in food processing operations


  • Helps control iron build-up
  • Most commonly used to treat well water

HYE-CLEAN Iron Out – (pdf)

  • Minimizes mineral scale formation of calcium and sodium in high bicarbonate water
  • Most commonly used to treat well water
  • Reservoir treatments also available

HYE-CLEAN Line Scale Away -(pdf)

Line Clean WSO is an irrigation line cleaner for cleaning bicarbonate, metal, and mineral deposits. It also increases water penetration in alkaline soils. Consult your GAR Bennett’s representative for appropriate dosage for your system.


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Gar Bennett Water Treatment

Most farmers in the western states rely on groundwater to some degree. When my deep well pumps are not performing well or shut down completely, GAR Bennett has the experience, equipment, and people to get the job done.

Jon Cagliero, Owner,
Cagliero Ranches