Pest Control Advisors

Over 40 licensed PCAs provide you with:

  • Over 1,000 years combined experience
  • Provide written recommendations
  • Use Reports for pest management, soil fertility, and plant nutrition
  • Optimized plant protection and soil health
  • Stability and sustainability for your crop


Male Silhouette Image

Art Lavagnino

Avery Austin
PCA Since 2019
CCA Since 2021

Buck Hedman
PCA Since 1975
CCA Since 2013

Carlos Dias
PCA Since 2001
CCA Since 2013

Chad Mattock
PCA Since 2001

Chris Whipple
PCA Since 2015

Craig Diener
PCA Since 2014
CCA Since 2015

David Vieira

Devin Peralta
PCA Since 2017

Jamie Oliveira
PCA Since 2000

Jeff Weber, PCA Headshot

Jeff Weber
PCA Since 1997

Jerry Champion

Jesse Amezola
PCA Since 2016

Jim Barham
PCA Since 1998

John Martzen
PCA Since 1979

Josh Parolini
PCA Since 2015

Justin Young
PCA Since 2016

Kelly Hair

Manuel Marin
PCA Since 2016

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Marc Camino

Mike Dow
PCA Since 2008 | CCA

Mike Mendoza
PCA Since 2008

Neal Fox
PCA Since 1989
CCA Since 2015

Neil Donovan
PCA Since 1997

Nick Hastin

Nick Kulick
PCA Since 2011 | CCA

Phil Enns
PCA Since 1999

Randy Radtke
PCA Since 1977 | CCA

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Rod Yraceburu

Tom Pierson
PCA Since 1984

Tyler Clark
PCA Since 2014

Wayne Sutow
PCA Since 1979

It’s nice to have someone you can trust, it’s like having a friend you can talk to. We really trust what our GAR PCA says because we have been successful all these years.

Jim Wyche