Hye-Compliance Program

GAR Bennett understands the difficulties in farming, and we have developed an outstanding, time saving solution to address food and worker safety compliance requirements. GAR Bennett’s food safety program covers the Food Safety Modernization Ace (FSMA), GLOBALG.A.P. and PrimusGFS. Our Worker Safety program complies with the Department of Pesticide (DPR), Cal/OSHA Worker Safety Training regulations. All our programs are tailored to fit each grower’s operational requirements and are offered as either partial or full programs.

Proper training, adherence and monitoring protects your workers from injuries and reduces your operational costs, worker compensation claims and insurance premiums. Maintaining your GFSI certification and advancing in Good Agricultural Practices keeps your export program on par with FDA regulations. Contact the GAR Bennett compliance team today to avoid hefty fines and make staying compliant with ever changing regulations hassle-free.


Shayna Lane Headshot

Shayna Lane
Food Safety Manager

Lilly Reyes
Ag Worker Safety Manager

David Gomez
Ag Worker Safety Trainer

We’re using both worker safety and food safety programs with GAR Bennett. It would be impossible to keep up with all the changes in regulations myself, so I rely on the experts to keep me compliant. The program saves me a lot of time and worry so I can do what I love, which is farming.

Katy Miller