Gopher Management

With the Gopher Management Program your worries about rodent caused damage can be relieved. Our program has years of experience in managing gophers using a variety of techniques, based on the location and needs of the field. We don’t merely eradicate the gophers from your field, we constantly assess rodent activity and catch reproduction before it occurs.

GAR Bennett Gopher Management Offers You The Following:

  • Fast services at a fixed dollar per acre
  • Frequent field presence
  • Multiple gopher control methods
  • Tape/hose strike minimization

Typically, gophers and alfalfa go hand in hand, but our gophers disappeared when we hired GAR Bennett’s gopher service to keep the gophers away from our subsurface drip system. The resulting alfalfa tonnage, increased stand life, and water savings were achieved, just like GAR Bennett told us.

Brian Bergman, Farm Manager
Cloverdale Farm