Water Quality

MORE Yield. LESS Water. PROVEN Results.


Services Include:

  • Remove scale and biologicals out of low volume irrigation systems


  • Increased water flow resulting in higher water volume
  • Enhanced water distribution uniformity
  • Irrigation system optimization
  • Results in clean lines
  • Accurate placement of nutrient, where the water goes the nutrient goes as well.
  • Ability to “microdose”, feeding the plants just enough so nutrients can be absorbed
  • Reduced water consumption due to the plant’s increased root mass’s ability to trap and hold water.
  • Application of nutrients can be controlled at the precise time and rate necessary.

Hye-Clean Slime Away

  • Reduces algae and bacteria growth
  • Mitigates plugged screens and emitters
  • Primarily used for surface water

Hye-Clean Aqua Flow

  • Delivers a valuable source of nitrogen and sulfur
  • Increases nutrient availability to targeted crops to help leach out harmful salts
  • Improves water infiltration
  • Reduces scale formation

Hye-Clean Out (Organic)

  • Removes algae and bacteria build-up
  • Is effective in high pH waters

Hye-Clean Iron Out

  • Helps control iron build-up
  • Most commonly used to treat well water

Hye-Clean Line Scale Away

  • Minimizes mineral scale formation of calcium and sodium in high bicarbonate water
  • Most commonly used to treat well water

Our water testing is a free service provided by GAR Bennett to evaluate your irrigation water quality.  This directly affects your irrigation and fertilizer use efficiency.

Disribution Uniformity is a measure of how evenly water is applied across a field during irrigation.

Benefits of good DU:

  • Use Less Water
  • Use Less Power
  • Less Fertilizer Waste
  • Increased Yields

They know exactly what water problems I am facing and they come to me with a straight solution.

Arlen Miller