1. Why are we moving from a semi-monthly payroll to a bi-weekly payroll?

    Consistency. You will receive a check every other Friday compared to a semi-monthly schedule when payday tends to vary.

  2. What hours will the new pay periods include?

    Hourly Employees:
    The January 21st payroll will include hours from January 1st through January 16th.
    All other payroll will be for a two-week period:
    The February 4th payroll will include hours from  January 17th through January 30th; the February 18th payroll will include hours from January 31st through February 13th etc.

    Salaried Employees
    80 hours per paycheck.

  3. Will my payroll deductions change?

    Yes, the amounts we deduct for benefit premiums, garnishments, loans will change to reflect 26 paychecks instead of 24.

  4. What is the last day to submit timecard corrections or expenses?

    Timecard corrections and expenses will be due the Monday before each payroll date.

  5. Will I need to make any changes to my direct deposit?

    No.  If you currently have your earnings sent to direct deposit, you do not have to make a change.  If you don’t have direct deposit, please consider using the convenience of direct deposit and enroll now.

  6. Do I need to make changes to my taxes or withholdings?

    If you have an additional tax amount deducted from your paycheck, that monthly amount will be calculated out to a yearly amount and then divided by 26 for a biweekly amount. If you do not want the current additional amount to be split in this manner, please submit a new W-4 Form using Paycom.

    Changes to your tax withholdings are likely not necessary, unless you determine it would be appropriate given your specific situation. However, you may change your W-4 withholding at any time. Biweekly tax withholdings will continue to be based upon IRS guidelines

  7. Will my vacation accrual change?

    Yes, the per pay period rate will be slightly lower since you are accruing over a 26 payroll checks instead of 24 checks per year. However your total annual vacation will not change.

  8. I have a 401k loan, will my payment amount change?

    Yes, 401k loans will be re-amortized to reflect the new lower payment amount over a 26 pay period instead of 24 pay periods per year.

  9. What should I do to prepare for the conversion to bi-weekly pay?

    You may need to adust your atuomatic online bill payment(s).

  10. If I have additional questions, who do I speak with?

    You may contact a member of the GB Personnel team:
    Ralph Rendon, Chief Personnel Officer (559) 480-3029
    Elizabeth Backer, Personnel Manager (559) 643-2779
    Denise Espinoza, Personnel Support Specialist (559) 480-3018