Beginning in January 2022, hourly and salaried employees, who are paid semi-monthly, will be paid on a bi-weekly period, every other Friday.

The change to a bi-weekly pay period means that you will be paid 26 pay checks throughout the calendar year as opposed to 24.  You will receive two (2) bi-weekly pay checks per month except for two months per year when you will receive three (3) pay checks.

  • The January 5th payroll will be the last semi-monthly check we will process which will include timecard hours from December 16th through December 31st for hourly employees and 86.67 hours for salaried employees.
    Note:  The last payroll for 2021 will be on December 20th, no check will be processed on December 31, 2021.
  • The January 21st payroll will be the first bi-weekly payroll which will include timecard hours from January 1st through January 16th for hourly employees and 80 hours for salaried employees.

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Contact Elizabeth Backer at (559) 643-2779 or Denise Espinoza at (559) 480-3018 if you have any questions.