Worker Safety
It’s not unusual for a County Ag Commissioner to stop an application to verify that all
Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) requirements are being fulfilled. These items
include, but are not limited to: wearing appropriate PPE based off label(s) requirements,
having a complete and up to date decontamination kit and an up-to-date emergency
medical care plan. Missing items can trigger a full headquarters audit on the entire facility.
This type of inspection includes an intense dive into all employee safety trainings, USE
reports, hazard communications and even postings. The Gar Bennett worker safety program
ensures a smooth audit.

Food Safety 
Months ahead of the curve, the GAR Bennett Food Safety team completed the updated v5.4
training for GLOBAL G.A.P. requirements. The update is extremely important for annual
audits for marketing and packinghouses. GB’s team has updated our Food Safety Program
to comply with all needed items in preparation for v5.4 implementation in November.

In October, our team will travel to a PrimusGFS training to learn about their version update.
More information to follow if you are a PrimusGFS grower.

If these requirements are being asked of you to comply with export demands, reach out to
the Gar Bennett team today for further information.