GAR Bennett’s water services team offers a full-service program, ensuring water is delivered efficiently from pump to root. Our highly trained system engineers are experts in all local crop varieties from trees to vines to row crops. We guarantee a high level of uniformity in all of our designs and back up our installation craftsmanship 100%. We can help you get started on the right foot by creating a system tailored to your crop:

  • Complete irrigation design and engineering
  • Google Earth and LIDAR Elevation File imports
  • Focused on designing highly efficient and uniform systems
  • Pipeline projects including flood valves, standpipes, transfer lines and pump stations
  • Drip irrigation systems of any and all sizes
  • Reservoirs and water banks complete with Geosynthetic Liners, reservoir construction, inlet piping and valving, and outlet sumps and pumps
  • Greenhouses and controlled environments
  • EM 38: Soil profiles facilitate irrigation cycles

Automating parts of your irrigation system, like pump and valve control, gives you the ability to run irrigation from anywhere, making the days easier and freeing up weekends. In addition to remote monitoring, GAR Bennett automation systems will allow you to:

  • Schedule and control your system remotely
  • Receive custom alerts from your irrigation system
  • Efficiently manage labor and electricity
  • Protect your irrigation system
  • Track important data

Our automation team also offers multiple customized platforms that fit your exact needs. This service includes:

  • Deep well control and/or monitoring:
  • Liquid level monitoring of reservoir/tank/canal
  • Soil moisture and weather data
  • Full control irrigation and fertigation
  • Failure and fault alerts via text or email

The GAR Bennett water services and automation teams deliver top notch engineering for maximum water conservation and application efficiency. For creative ideas and cutting-edge technology, give us a call today to start planning your irrigation system. Our experts are ready to provide you with the tools and service you need to plan an effective 2021 growing season.