Almonds: Post-harvest fertilizers are winding-up and burn down herbicides will be going on soon to keep berms clean in mature orchards and ensure an effective pre-emergent herbicide. Growers with younger trees may consider a tree-to-tree pre-emergent herbicide program or doubling up on the berms and doing a split shot pre-emergent plan. There is still a window to do a post-season foliar nutrient application. Trees will start to pull nutrients from roots and leaves into storage for next season and zinc, boron, copper, and potassium are key nutrients to consider in this window. Depending on Mother Nature, zinc burn off applications may be coming up soon.

Citrus: Gibb sprays are wrapping up along with a second fuller rose beetle application for growers exporting fruit. During harvest, GAR Bennett PCA’s will be walking bins, checking for scale, thrips damage, fruit size and quality. This is a good time to review the season and forecast any needed adjustments for next year’s program with your PCA. The copper fungicide treatment for Korea protocol (often referred to as the whitewash) needs to be done before November 30. “Surprises” of scale may be more visible in October. Consult your PCA for treatment options.

Cotton: The first shot of defoliants started the week of October 11th.  Second defoliation comes 12-14 days around the week of October 25th.  The crop looks good this season.

Garlic: Growers with water allocations are harvesting and continuing to plant.

Grapes: Late variety table grape, wine grape, raisin and dry on the vine (DOV) growers are towards the end of harvest.  Now is the time to talk with your GAR Bennett PCA about post-harvest mealy bug treatment to prepare for next year.  Also, start thinking about soil amendments before the winter rains arrive.

Stone Fruit: Growers are transitioning from harvest season to planning for 2022. October typically consists of analyzing the growing season and planning for future varietal selections. Burn down herbicides are going on to clean up fields before leaf drop. Growers are starting zinc sulfate sprays for leaf drop and to help facilitate pruning. If you are planning to tear out trees and replant, be sure to do nematode testing.

Pistachios: Harvest is wrapping up and some growers are applying post-harvest fertilizers blowing berms and spraying some herbicides to clean up weeds.

Walnuts: We are approaching the tail end of harvest with chandlers being harvested. Rain at the beginning of the month could lead to favorable conditions for Botryosphaeria (BOT). Talk with your GAR Bennett PCA to see if a fungicide application is warranted. Also, discuss pushing back pruning to around Thanksgiving time when average temperatures are cooler.