Almonds: Pre-emergent herbicides are being applied. Some blocks will get a dormant spray due to moisture content.
Citrus: Growers are in the middle of applying pre-emergent herbicides. PCAs are monitoring for brown rot at this time.
Grapes: Harvest is wrapped up and pruning is in full swing. As soon as pruning and brush shredding is completed, be sure to contact your GAR Bennett PCA to start planning pre-emergent herbicides on your clean berms. If you haven’t already, it is still a good time to add soil amendments such as gypsum and sulfate of potash.
Stone Fruit: Winter orchard activities are in progress including pruning, shredding, blowing berms and generally preparing the ranches for the next season. PCAs will be planning with growers to apply dormant sprays and winter herbicides, especially to early blooming varieties, over the next couple of weeks and into the beginning of the new year.
Pistachios: Pre-emergent herbicides are happening in the field. We are in a holding pattern until about February for this crop. Some growers will start planting cover crops soon.
Walnuts: As crews are pruning, PCAs are looking for scale. Scale sprays typically start in January. Some growers have applied their pre-emergent herbicides, while others will make applications as berms are cleaned and rain is forecasted.
Tomatoes: Groundwork has started for next year’s crop.
Dehydrated Onions: Growers are currently planning and starting groundwork for next year’s crop.
Cotton: Harvest is complete. Groundwork has started for next year’s crop.
Garlic: Buctril (Brox) applications are being done for broadleaf control on the ground.
Onions: Growers have wrapped up Prowl applications at the loop stage.


Sugar Creation: Realizing a Crop’s Full Potential 
contributed by Steve Easterby of FBSciences
Managing crop growth is a complicated task. It involves full attention to the constant demands of the plants, which are many, and usually all at once. It’s like being a doctor to a huge hospital of patients, but none of the patients can speak. What is fascinating about crop management is that the purpose of engaging in each of these complex activities has one simple goal: the creation of sugar.
Let Winter Boron Drive Early Tree Growth
contributed by Allison Couch and David Morgan of Yara North America 
If “Calcium is the trucker of all mineral elements, then boron is the steering wheel” as quoted by consultant Gary Zimmer. Calcium should be the king of the cation exchange elements, applied by pounds, gallons and tons. Boron is measured in parts per million, though no less important.
Water Treatment: Protect your irrigation system. Protect your investment.
As the growing season winds down for most crops, your irrigation lines may have silt, dead algae and large particulate buildup. It’s important to take this time during the slow season to flush your irrigation lines. GAR Bennett has a variety of water treatment products and services that can help clear out the buildup and keep your irrigation lines maintained.
Hye-Clean Iron Out
  • Helps control iron buildup
  • Most commonly used to treat well water
Hye-Clean Slime-Away
  • Reduces algae and bacteria growth
  • Mitigates plugged screens and emitters
  • Primarily used for surface water
Hye-Clean Out (Organic)
  • Removes algae and bacteria buildup
  • Is effective in high pH waters
Hye-Clean Line Scale Away
  • Minimizes mineral scale formation of calcium and sodium in high bicarbonate water
  • Most commonly used to treat well water
Shockwave Irrigation Line Remediation
  • Service Includes
    • Removes scale and biologicals out of low volume irrigation systems
  • Benefits
    • Enhanced water distribution uniformity
    • Irrigation system optimization
    • Results in clean lines
For a full description of our water treatment products and services, please contact:
Matt Acosta | 559.904.7755 | [email protected]
Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plans (INMPs)
Avoid state enforced fines by allowing GAR Bennett to help
Don’t wait! Call GAR Bennett today to begin the INMP and Summary Report process.
Pricing for INMP assistance is based on the date we receive your completed packet of information:*
  • $250 if received by January 1
  • $350 if received after January 1
  • $500 if received after coalition March 1 deadline
*Additional charges may apply for incomplete or missing data
*Pricing is adjusted for late harvest crops, please inquire
For a full description of our INMP services, please contact:
Gabby Nikolich | 559.480.3025 | [email protected]


Are You Prepared for Winter?
As we prepare our irrigation systems for winter, it’s important to give our system a thorough maintenance check and to winterize. Doing the following right before shutting down your system can start you off on the right foot when it’s time to irrigate:
  • Flush above ground tubing
  • Flush below ground piping
  • Flush fertilizer injection pump(s)
  • Send your filter stations through a complete flush cycle
  • Drain down above ground pipelines that are exposed
If you notice any plugging issues while you’re flushing and winterizing, our water treatment team offers several products and services to remove scale and biologicals out of irrigation systems. You can rest assured that your system will be clean when it’s put to bed, giving you a fresh start for the next growing season.
Be sure to apply the steps above before shutting down your system. If your run into problems while prepping your irrigation system, give GAR Bennett a call for expert service and support.


With the increasing need for water efficiency and monitoring, it is vital to be up to speed on technology. Especially when it can save you time, money and resources. Remote monitoring systems allow you to keep track of water output, delivery efficiency, weather, scheduling and soil from anywhere. Historical and real-time data analysis of water usage and soil moisture enable profitable decisions for irrigation while improving yields.
In addition to remote monitoring, GAR Bennett automation systems will allow you to:
  • Schedule and control your system remotely
  • Receive custom alerts from your irrigation system
  • Efficiently manage labor and electricity
  • Protect your irrigation system
  • Track important data
Contact us today to learn more about how remote monitoring can improve your irrigation system.


One of our most requested training topics at GAR Bennett is pesticide handler training. As such, our worker safety is currently working back-to-back performing pesticide handler renewals. Each training is customized to the exact products a grower uses in their operation. This ensures each customer receives the most current information that DPR implements. This is a benefit to our growers because the employees not only get a knowledgeable and hands-on trainer, but the training is tailored to their farming operation. This is a great time to update your product list so all applicators will be geared up for when the busy season hits, which is right around the corner. Additional topics are also being added to GAR Bennett’s list of worker safety trainings to continue providing our growers with the most up-to-date information.


December means wrapping up citrus audits for our food safety team. This includes a few varieties that most growers don’t know can be certified—Fukumoto oranges and citron. As some know, the audit process to become certified can be confusing and frustrating. GAR Bennett has removed the stress of the certification process, streamlining all aspects for our growers. We plan, prep and facilitate the audits, including water and fruit sampling. Our team also inspects the site to make sure FSMA regulations are being followed not only on your field, but the Farm Labor Contractors as well. We work hand in hand with the worker safety team, ensuring all food safety training topics are being covered on a yearly schedule. Our goal is to help growers stay in compliance with packing house needs and federal guidelines so they may continue to feed the world.

Click HERE to avoid hefty fines by contacting our food and worker safety teams.


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