Document Management

We currently keep paper copies for tracking equipment maintenance. While we will continue to do this as the CHP prefers it, we do plan on switching over to digital documentation as soon as state agencies embrace receiving documents digitally. Adding to digital efficiency, Samsara will let us view a vehicle’s history log, allowing GB to see how much a piece of equipment has been used and what maintenance has been performed on it regardless of which branch is currently using it and where physical paperwork is being stored.

Driver Experience Improvements

While we don’t want to be Big Brother, GB now has dashcams on some trucks due to our insurance requiring it on vehicles that have a GVWR of more than 10,000 lbs. GB knows we have the best drivers in California, and this technology helps prove that to our insurance and CHP.

Fuel Management

GB will be able to better monitor fuel costs by seeing which vehicles are efficient and which ones would save us money in the long term if we replaced them sooner rather than later.


Samsara can help project managers gain additional insight into where equipment is going and how it’s being used. This greatly reduces the need to call around to see who is using what piece of equipment. You can simply log on to their app or their website and easily find where the equipment was last used and where it currently is.

Routing and Tracking

With Samsara, GB Dispatch can see where the driver is, and if decided safe to share, will allow us to show growers where we are. Through a link, growers can get real time insight on a map showing where the delivery truck is and when their product will arrive. Once it’s delivered, the driver can take a picture of where the load was dropped and send it to the grower, improving our already great customer service.

Vehicle Information Management

In Samsara, we are also able to tag vehicles with information such as which branch that vehicle primarily works from, what type of fuel it takes, and any other information important to our operations or the state of California. The data will be easily accessible, helping keep our fleet efficient and compliant.