When Chelsea originally joined the company, she did a lot of clerical filing and basic accounts payable. At the time, it didn’t seem like there was much growth for her within the company. That’s when Carolyn Dukes and Brian Crow came in the nick of time. Together, the two encouraged her and gave her opportunities to move up, supporting her along the way. Chelsea steadily rose through the ranks to become the corporate accounting clerk. Now, she does a little bit of everything. She has a hand in pay roll, manages and reconciles all the company credit cards, processes our deposits for customer accounts, works with the DMV and does all the automation billing. To say the least, Chelsea stays busy in her role.

Chelsea didn’t necessarily grow up in agriculture. She was actively involved in sports growing up but did take intro to agriculture and floral design at Lemoore High. It’s here where she began to develop a passion for agriculture because of the family aspect the industry tends to have. In her eyes, it seems almost every agricultural company is family driven or based. After graduating, Chelsea attended West Hills College and then transferred to Fresno State. She was also working full time and the commute was becoming challenging. This is when Chelsea decided to make a switch. The summer of 2016, she came back home to Lemoore, enrolled in Brandman University to earn her business degree with an emphasis in accounting and began her journey with Bennett Water Systems. Chelsea recently graduated with her degree in August. She stated, “If it wasn’t for Tyler Bennett, Carolyn and Brian pushing me to finish, it probably wouldn’t have happened. They have been my biggest mentors, teaching me more than my time in school has. Their support has made a huge impact on my career and school journey for the better.”

When Chelsea isn’t splitting her time at the various branches, she can be found going camping with her family or traveling to the coast. However, must of her time is preparing for her little girl on the way, Gianna Hope Correia. In her words she is “surviving being seven months pregnant.” Her husband, Joseph, works for the city of Lemoore. The two got married last year.

Chelsea can’t wait to see what growth is to come because of the merger.

“I’m excited for all the opportunities that are still yet to come. We have grown so much since merging, and with that expansion comes opportunities for employees to learn new things and become more well-rounded within the company.”