Maggie began working with GAR Bennett’s compliance department to help with coordinating the trainers. As someone who is organized and detail-oriented, Maggie transitioned easily into this role. Her days consisted of calling our growers to schedule their trainings, giving reminders and keeping our worker safety team’s calendar up to date. During Maggie’s time with the department, an opportunity opened for an additional trainer. Maggie decided it was time to take the next step in the department and pursue this opportunity. Now, you can find Maggie out in the field giving trainings to farm employees and field crews. She still handles the logistics for the team, but now receives calls asking her to cover everything from OSHA to pesticide topics for growers. She works with the other trainers to prep for the trainings and ensure topics being covered are timely with the season. She has added value to the worker safety team and our growers’ operations.

Born and raised in Orange Cove, Maggie’s parents enrolled her in the business pathway at Reedley Middle College High School. This is where she would become involved in agriculture as her class was the first to have an FFA program at the school. Maggie didn’t see herself working in agriculture, but soon found herself participating in the public speaking contests and taking on officer roles in her FFA chapter. She also began working with State Farm at the age of 15. However, Maggie’s career goal was to become lawyer; she would travel to Berkeley every summer to take law courses at the college. In 2015, her life quickly switched gears when she met her husband, Jose, through the Police Explorer Program. The couple would welcome their son, Julian, into the world in 2016 and get married in 2017. Maggie and Jose went on to attend Reedley College together until Jose started working for Gar Tootelian, Inc. (GAR). Maggie also decided to join the workforce in 2018 as an auditor for VF Outdoors. Jose always spoke highly of GAR and encouraged Maggie to join their team. When a position opened in the compliance department in 2019, Maggie jumped on the opportunity and was welcomed with open arms.

When not working, Maggie loves to go camping and fishing with her family, especially at Bass Lake. Julian is now 4 years old, and the family will be welcoming another son into the world in May. Maggie considers herself an animal lover. They currently have three dogs—Kona, Luna and Diesel—two cats—Tabby and Gracie—and a fish tank filled with goldfish thanks to Jose.

Maggie can’t wait for the new relationships that are going to be built because of the merger.

“There are so many new GB team members and growers to meet. I’m excited for the opportunity to get to know everyone and create new relationships.”