“Working outside of California is a little different and presents new challenges,” said Rene. “The resources, equipment and materials isn’t the same as we have here.”

Working with customers in Peru, Rene manages projects that serve mango production. In Maui the customer is rather diversified, farming coffee, macadamias, citrus and potatoes.

Born and raised in Mexico until he was 13, Rene moved to the states and lived in Monterey County. While along the coast, he worked in various areas of agriculture and before relocating was a machine operator at Dole fresh vegetables. He and his family later moved to Lemoore and he began working for Bennett.

He speaks highly of the new opportunities since the merger this January.

“We have new knowledge and resources that we didn’t have in the past, it’s great,” Rene explained. “Just the other day I had a customer in the office with a question I couldn’t answer. I quickly called Tom Pierson and he immediately had the answer. The customer was happy and we were able to make a decision and move forward.”