While the water treatment services at GAR Bennett (GB) have been housed within the agronomy department, it is helpful to realize that much of our efforts are reactive by the very nature of the growers’ challenges; much of which occurs during high heat months (algae blooms), chemistry reactions to water quality (iron bacteria in filter stations and drip lines), or high bicarbonate levels in their inbound water source (scaling). Each of these issues is preventative if the grower so chooses to embrace the concept of preventative programs (paying along the way) vs. SOS calls to GB to treat post-event issues (shocking system). The efforts to further define the messaging by field advisors along with the personnel to support grower needs is currently underway.


This plan includes assigning water treatment (WT) service technicians at each GB location. Stores at each GB location will cut down on drive time for parts/supplies and ensure timely and effective response times to our field advisors and customers. The immediate benefit will hit at the field advisor level, with more PCAs/CCAs having the confidence to sell or recommend water treatment services, both on a one-time level as well as an ongoing level. Improved quality of service and solving challenges in real time will impress the grower.


Expect the process to progress into an improved structure from start to finish. From the collection of customer water samples, analytical data analysis and recommendations to the order process currently housed in fertilizer dispatch. This process will soon be housed in the agronomy department with a Water Treatment Data Analyst taking over the order process.

Additionally, we will add “Water Treatment Customer Performance Reviews”. This annual report is a compilation of aggregating in-season costs, chemical use reports, site visits and overall water usage. The value of this report is immeasurable as we can proactively connect with our growers and be ACCOUNTALBE for the results. It provides a sales opportunity to earn business at the end of the growing season, after harvest.