Typically, if your water comes from a well, it may contain a lot of minerals and biologicals that can clog your drip lines and negatively impact crop production as a result. Shockwave line remediation services will remove scale and biologicals out of low volume irrigation systems. The benefits include: increased water flow resulting in higher water volume; enhanced water distribution uniformity; irrigation system optimization; results in clean lines.
The Hye-Clean water treatment program includes the following key treatment options.
  • Hye-Clean Slime Away: reduces algae and bacteria growth; mitigates plugged screens and emitters; primarily used for surface water
  • Hye-Clean Aqua Flow: delivers a valuable source of nitrogen and sulfur; increases nutrient availability to targeted crops to help leach out harmful salt; improves water infiltration; educes scale formation
  • Hye-Clean Out (Organic): removes algae and bacteria build-up; is effective in high pH waters
  • Hye-Clean Iron Out: helps control iron build-up; most commonly used to treat well water
  • Hye-Clean Line Scale Away: minimizes mineral scale formation of calcium and sodium in high bicarbonate water; most commonly used to treat well water

This is also a great time of year to use EM38. This device is a tool used to help map soils using electroconductivity of your soil. It can also be used to assist in irrigation designs, precision fertilizer applications and mapping out potential weak spots in your field.