Currently, counties within the Central Valley are referring all growers to the following websites for CE courses:


Additional classes may be found here:

NOTE: You must print out your proof of attendance certificate to obtain credit. Please bring copies of your CE class attendance certificates with you when you renew your Private Applicator Certificate.

For additional questions about online CE courses, please contact Marianna Gentert, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner, Pesticide Use Enforcement at Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office: [email protected]

Individuals should check DPR’s web pages often as new classes are approved weekly. In addition, DPR is currently developing a correspondence (text-based) CE course for 2020 that will provide 4 hours of “laws and regulations” CE for those who successfully complete it. DPR expects to have this course finalized and available in October.

DPR highly recommends renewing early and submitting renewal applications by November 1 to be issued a license or certificate by December 31, as the renewal process takes up to 60 days.

Submitting before November 1 also allows DPR staff additional time to help resolve any issues that are identified during processing and before the license or certificate expires. For example, if someone is short CE hours DPR staff can contact the licensee giving them enough time to get the additional CE preventing them from having to retest in all categories, including laws and regulations.