GAR Bennett’s unique PAM program focuses on quality, value and high yield that fits your budget. We sell results and service that add to your crop value, not just your irrigation system. As part of the program, our PAM supervisors will help you achieve the following:

  • Drip irrigation that saves up to 50% of water usage
  • 30% yield increase and double the stand life
  • Immediate and uniformed post-harvest irrigation
  • No scalding or drown out
  • Comprehensive rodent management

PAM supervisors take aerial images of your fields pre-cut and post-cut to assess crop uniformity and quality quickly and efficiently. From there, the supervisor will assist in irrigation scheduling, leak diagnosis and fertilizer/soil amendment suggestions. During this time, our team can also install a new subsurface drip irrigation system (before or after corn). The GAR Bennett team also offers the following all-inclusive services as part of the PAM program:

  • Seed selection and seeding; germination irrigation
  • Tape injection and repair
  • Hot spot management and field imagery
  • Fertility and pest recommendations
  • Air injection through drip tape
  • Field visits every week
  • Lab quality reports each cutting or as desired
  • Dairy financing

GAR Bennett clients who use the PAM program have achieved greater results when compared to other fields throughout Kings County and the state. Our team has gathered results since 2015 and run comparisons with the 2019 averages to prove the results.

On average, 12.51 tons/acre of alfalfa was harvested when growers used the PAM program while the Kings County average was 7.74 tons/acre. When compared to the state average, PAM growers harvested 54% more tons per acre (7 tons/acre) and applied 47% less water to alfalfa (5 ac/ft).

If you are looking to significantly lower your water use per ton and set records for per acre tonnage, give our PAM experts a call today. We are happy to discuss our proven results with other dairymen and farmers around the Central Valley who trust the GAR Bennett brand. The GAR Bennett team is also staffed with experts in automation, rodent control, compliance, and crop protection/nutrition who are ready to provide you with professional service. Our number one goal is to help you maximize crop yields using less water.