Karoline Johnson explains her move to GAR Bennett five years ago happened unexpectedly. “When I got the call, I wasn’t looking for a new job. I worked with Rick Dennis and Daniel Beltran previously and they recommended me for a position at GB; it was a big compliment. I’ve known Rick, Daniel and others (from my previous employer) for more than 10 years. They’re more than co-workers; they’re part of my extended family and I was excited to work with them again.”

Family is a big deal to Karoline who has three daughters—Sierra (23), Julian (21) and Jayden (14)—along with her nieces and nephew—Sofia (14), CJ (10) and Eliana (8) who she also helps raise. Their mother, Karoline’s sister, passed away six years ago, “I want them to know they always have family by their side.”

Balancing life, work and family can be stressful, but Karoline’s a problem solver and enjoys helping people. “I like working with the branches on the day-to-day processes they need help with. I assist with SAGE issues and a little bit of everything. Whatever the branches, need I’m at their disposal.”

Born in Santa Clara and raised in Sanger, Karoline graduated from Sanger High School before heading to Fresno State. “I originally wanted to be an engineer, but I took a position as a receptionist for a trucking company and worked side by side with their accountant and I noticed it came easily to me. I received my accounting degree and I’ve been working in the field for 25 years.” Karoline is excited about the future of GB, growing as a company and making more friendships along the way.

Happy fifth anniversary to Karoline Johnson!