Christina Musson grew up spending her Fridays in the office at Gar Tootelian, Inc. (GAR). Grandma Esther and Grandpa Gar would pick her up from school in Fresno and drive her to Reedley where she would play in the garden and “work” the front desk at the office. In the early years, “work” usually entailed eating candy, coloring on order forms and riding with Grandpa Gar to the bank to make his daily deposit. As she grew older, responsibilities like filing and shredding paper were added to her GAR resume. Today, you can find her working with the marketing team and sitting on GAR Bennett’s (GB’s) board of directors.

The daughter of Karen and Greg Musson, Christina learned a lot from growing up in the family business. “People don’t work FOR us, they work WITH us,” Greg and Gar told her, “It’s an honor they CHOOSE to work at GAR.” As a board member, that message continues to echo in her mind. Christina wants the word FAMILY to remain at the heart of GAR Bennett, “As we grow as a company, it’s important to me that we still have a family business feel. I want people to know that their families mean a lot to us, and we are always accessible.”

Along with her GB responsibilities, Christina is also heard Monday-Friday from 9-11 a.m. on KMJ Radio co-hosting “Broeske & Musson” with her good friend, John Broeske. Christina joined KMJ in September 2009 as the AM weekday traffic reporter and producer for the Ray Appleton Show. In January 2015, she began her on-air talk show career.

When she’s not working, Christina and her husband, Ralph, are known as “Mom” and “Dad” to Grant (5) and Grace (3). “Grandpa Gar was an important mentor in my life,” Christina explains, “Ralph and I wanted to find a way to honor him with our children’s names. Both kid’s initials spell G.A.R.” Christina also has two fur-babies, Chloe (15) and Max (13). She and her family live in Fresno.