“As soon as I get off work, I get home and start working on my racecar,” explains Joe Baker Jr. It is his wife, Anna, who motivates him to do that, “It keeps me busy at home. I grew up going out to the racetrack and watching cars go around the track. I took a liking to it and started building cars and racing them.” Joe’s been racing for about 15 years, and in that time, he has built 10 or more cars, “Everything from Hobby Stocks to what I have now, an IMCA Sport Mod – Open Wheel Car.” When he can, he races every weekend. Right now, his car has a blown motor but once it’s replaced, he’ll be back on the track.

Joe grew up in Arvin and started working for his dad, a foreman for a farming operation, at the age of 12. When he graduated from Arvin High School, he went to work for a chemical company and has been working in agriculture since, “I like the freedom of being outside and working on equipment.” For GAR Bennett, Joe sets up spray rigs and equipment, making sure things are calibrated and working properly. Most importantly, Joe always ensures our customers are happy.

When asked what he likes best about GAR Bennett (GB) he states, “I like absolutely everything. The people, the hospitality and the moral. No one is ever in a bad mood; everyone is always in a good mood.” Joe’s goal is to retire with GB.

Joe and Anna have four daughters: Miranda (28), Corinna (26), Amelia (20) and Annalynn (6). The pair also have a large pack of dogs: two Rottweilers, two Pomeranians, one Australian Shepherd/Husky, and one Shih Tzu.