When Cristian joined the GAR Bennett team four years ago, he started as a crew foreman. In his current role as a project manager, he’s able to use his experiences to better help field crews accomplish projects successfully. Typically, he can be found gathering and ordering materials, setting up meetings with farmers, strategizing project plans and making sure crews are ready to roll out when needed. Cristian’s goal is to ensure our field crews are prepared from start to finish for any project that may come their way.

Cristian was born in the Mexican state of Puebla and later came to the U.S. with his family in 1991 at the age of seven. They settled in Orange County where he later attended Western High School. He was working towards a degree in music engineering when he met his wife, Alicia, while attending church. She later moved to Bakersfield where Cristian would visit her. After living in Orange County for 22 years, Cristian finally decided it was time to make the move to Bakersfield. Before the move, Cristian’s knowledge of the agricultural industry was limited. However, after the move he went on to work in the fields, picking grapes and pruning fruit trees. He quickly gained an appreciation for field crews in putting food on our tables. Despite the brutal temperatures or long hours, the crews were always ready to work. While working in the field, Cristian started getting into irrigation little by little to where he was eventually picked up by a company to assist in the irrigation department.

Nonetheless, Cristian’s true pride and joy is his family. With two kids at home, he is often spending any spare time he has riding bikes or going out to the river. He’s a family man through and through.

Cristian is excited for the potential growth that will come as a result of the merger.

“The stability and business growth that this merger will bring is huge. With teams being built between departments like irrigation and crop protection, it will only bring in more growth that will benefit all of us.”