Using an efficient drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation system will optimize water use efficiency. The good news is that these same irrigation systems are extremely efficient for applying the very nutrients and biostimulants that crops need for optimum health and yield.

Research shows that consistent use of a high quality humic acid increases the water holding capacity by improving its soil structure. These products flocculate clay particles and open the soil up for better water infiltration and lateral subbing, which leads to less runoff. In sandy soils they help by forming water stable soil aggregates. Some studies showed improved water use efficiency by 15% to 20%.

A stronger, healthier plant will always be better equipped to withstand stress. Extensive research on two categories of biostimulants has shown they buffer plant stress related to moisture, heat, and salts.

The first category of biostimulants are those derived from natural, dissolved organic matter. Low rates of these products (8-12 oz/acre) applied throughout the cropping cycle has shown significant moderation of these stresses, leading to improved crop yield under stress.

Another useful tool is a quality seaweed product applied in the early stages of plant growth and in advance of anticipated stress, such as heat or drought. The end result will be crops that better withstand such stresses. These benefits have been thoroughly documented by research.

Talk to your local crop consultant to ensure you have the irrigation systems, fertilizers, and biostimulants you need to get the most out of every drop of water.