During the research phase, our team was able to identify a product that would be effective for smaller acreage growers. The technology is a simplified, lower cost platform that can be integrated into any existing autostart controller or thermostat on wind machines. Growers can monitor temperatures in real-time, track the state of their wind machines and turn wind machines on and off remotely. There are no monthly fees associated with the product, and status updates are unlimited for 10 years.

In further researching the product, our team found several benefits. The system can instantly target issues efficiently before crop damage occurs. Growers can pinpoint which wind machine is having issues, saving fuel instead of driving around fields trying to identify the failing equipment. Daily, monthly and yearly reports are also produced, allowing growers to review equipment performance and maintenance. Most of all, labor costs are reduced by having one person run the machines remotely. Farm crews can show up fresh the next day instead of worrying about protecting wind machines in freezing fog or high winds.

When the grower was presented with the information, they hopped on board and plan to install the new technology on several wind machines in 900 acres of citrus. By integrating this system, the grower will be able to increase efficiency across their farming operations. GAR Bennett’s automation team is ready to help any sized grower revolutionize their frost protection program. Give us a call today to learn about this cost-effective opportunity!