The team got to work ­­on removing the top of the pump to identify further issues. While removing the pump in 20 foot increments from the 1000 foot well, our team felt the pump snag after only pulling 12 feet out. They soon realized the entire pump would need to be removed, but they needed some additional tools to do this.

They quickly reached out to a third-party with casing jacks in order to get the pump unstuck. After half a day spent and 92 tons of pressure applied, our team was able to remove the pump successfully. To identify what caused the pump to snag, our team did a video examination of the well. From the video, they were able to locate multiple breaks which allowed sand to come into the well and cause pump failure.

With this new information, our team began working to revamp the well. Currently, our pump and motor experts, electricians, welders and crews are getting the well patched up. They are also replacing the pump hardware and installing a smaller diameter pump. Soon, this west side grower will have ease of mind knowing his pump is working effectively to meet his crop needs.

The GAR Bennett pump division has years of experience dedicated to solving problems, giving you the best service and installation experience. If you have deep well pumps that are not performing well or shut down completely, our teams can get the job done. Give us a call today to ensure your crop and water needs are being met.