When Daniel originally joined Bennett Water Systems, he planned to become a retail store manager. However, it did not take long to notice how valuable he is in the Selma warehouse. Daniel divides his time between the warehouse and the retail store. He typically opens the store and then helps the warehouse team pull parts based on job requests. He ensures everyone has what they need to fulfill their job responsibilities for the day. Once the warehouse is up and running, Daniel assists at the retail store counter. He is always ready to contribute to the team’s success and wears many hats to get the job done.

Daniel is a Fresno native whose passion for agriculture came later in life. He attended Roosevelt High School and Fresno City College to pursue a career in real estate. Daniel received his real estate license in 2002 and hit the ground running, learning how to sell and influence homebuyers. After several years in this industry, he decided to take a break from real estate. Daniel had a friend at Agri Valley who offered him a job. He was hesitant but decided to go for it. Daniel’s passion for the agriculture industry grew immensely while working with Agri Valley. He saw value in offering services to growers that not only made a positive impact in his community, but the world. Daniel’s mentor, Paul Hayer, recommended him for a position at GAR Bennett’s Selma Branch and the rest was history.

When Daniel is not at work, he enjoys Brazilian Jio Jitsu and attending church. He is a workout enthusiast and has a strong faith that he instills within his family. He truly hopes to be a positive light in others’ lives while providing patience and understanding. Daniel has two wonderful children, Emma (16) and Nathan (14). The family pet, Cookie, is a 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix.

Daniel is excited for the future of the company because of the merger.

The merger has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from other companies. I’m proud to say we can provide all these different services for our customers and give them a reason to not go to one of our competitors.”