Important nutrients to be applied in springtime.

Nitrogen, along with potassium, is the plant nutrient required in greatest quantities by many crops. It is important for chlorophyll production and plays a major role in cell division and growth of new tissues.

Zinc is the most important micronutrient for its function in the synthesis of auxin, a plant hormone responsible for cell division. It is critical for fruit set and final yield in tree fruit as well as new shoot growth. Remember you are influencing next year’s crop while growing this year’s crop.

Boron, when foliar applied before flowering, is known to improve flower fertilization and increase fruit set. This nutrient is also involved later in the transport of other nutrients and plant sugar.

Calcium is essential for active cell division and cell strength. It helps protect new plant tissue by strengthening the cell walls. Also, calcium movement is facilitated by both zinc and boron.

In the diagram below, you will notice the green leaves and shoot growth line, it is after the period of flowering, fruit set and fruit development. Hence the critical role that foliar nutrition can supply.