Our team met with the grower, performed a site survey and discussed possible solutions. The grower and our team decided on a fix all for challenges at hand—the irrigation system would need to be automated to run well water simultaneously to the ranch and the field. The automation team go to work on automating the variable frequency drive (VFD), control valves in the fields, as well as pressure and flow monitoring. They ensured the grower has the option to pull water from their well or district water to irrigate. The calf ranch was set on a gravity system tank that will refill as needed with an instant response time, regardless of water going out to the field. With all these advancements installed, the grower is now running their irrigation system more effectively than ever before.

GAR Bennett’s automation team checked back in with ranch manager after the new system had been tested several times. By automating their system, a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. The manual labor needed to check the ranch water supply and irrigate fields had been eliminated. The system was running effectively, allowing their team to prioritize other aspects of the farming operation.

As we continue to farm for the future, it’s imperative to know what resources can help you continue to feed the world. GAR Bennett has the tools, knowledge and experts to help improve your irrigation system. Contact us today to learn more about automation technology and how to advance your farm.