Recently our automation experts were tasked with two simultaneous projects on the East side for citrus. The catch: both projects needed to be completed in two weeks or less. The team first addressed the primary areas of concern: input costs and ease of use monitoring irrigation systems. While working with farm management for both ranches, our team quickly generated solutions to be implemented in the window of time allotted. We automated pump control, reservoir and filter station control, as well as in field valve control. The ranches now have the ability to run the system in off-peak hours while being able to monitor flow downstream of the filter and their reservoir levels all from the ease of their phone or tablet.

Technology can truly be beneficial in saving you time, money and water. As technology continues to improve, our team is staying up to date on the newest innovations that will help you maximize yield. Contact us today to find out more about the success of these projects and how we can improve your irrigation system.